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Re: limit number of smtp deliveries?

> Hello.
> How can I tell zmailer that it sends outogoing mails not immedeatly out
> but waits some (lets say 5 sek) before it sends out the next one?
> I run a medium sized mailing list and the machine almost explodes ..
> there are sometimes running more than 200 delivery processes and its
> a weak Pentium machine with not that much RAM.
> Or can I limit the zmailer to lets say 50 deliveries at the same time?

	If you are low in RAM, you should do two things:

	- Run only ONE router  ( SiteConfig: ROUTEROPTIONS="... -n 1" )
	- In  MAILSHARE/scheduler.conf  limit maximum number of transport
	  agents running in parallel (maxta=50 in "*/*" clause), and/or
	  limit maximum number of SMTP transporters (maxchannel=50 in all
	  "smtp/".. clauses)

	With the scheduler you can do many different ways of limiting
	the amount of work your system goes to do at any given time.
	At nic.funet.fi I have 800 MB memory, and those default limits
	work just fine in it :-)

	The best choises would likely to be:


	This does also limit other channel tags, like "local/", which
	must competete on what resources are left after the smtp channels
	are already running at full tilt, and until the 'maxta' limit
	stops adding more active transporters.

> regards
> chris
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> Christoph J. M. a.k.a. CyBa on #schlonz / irc.servus.at|http://www.enemy.org

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>