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Re: only local delivery works

> > hello,
> > 
> > 	i should add that after updating to 2.99.50-s8 my problem is exactly
> > the same. `upgraded' have meant that the old zmailer tree was removed (the
> > postoffice too) completely, new installed with `gnumake install', files in 
> > `$MAILSHARE/db' were corrected, `$MAILSHARE/router.cf' linked against 
> > appropriate file in cf/ etc etc.
> > 	could anyone give any hints about the source of this problem??
>   Lack of  'zmailer'  group in the /etc/group, or if it exists, it does
> not contain 'daemon' (or 'daemons') as TRUSTED userid.

pts/3 /usr/local/zmailer 577# egrep "(daemon|zmailer)" /etc/group 
pts/3 /usr/local/zmailer 578#