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I thought zmailer could put mailboxes in home directories...

We picked up zmailer-2.99.50-s5 and I've looked through it trying to
find out how this is supposed to work.  The closest I can find is
obsolete/proto/cf.oo/alias.cf.by-felix-lee from 1994... and I don't
like that ``obsolete'' part of the name!

It looks like some related code is in aliases.cf, but it's not clear
that everything is set up to do what we want:

zmailer will run on machine X, with local /var/spool/postoffice

Home directories are on an NFS mounted NetApp server (and accessed
from at least 10 machines).  We'd like to deliver all mail into their
directories so that mail spool is counted in their quota.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks	../Dave