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NOTIFY in SMTP envelope sends back errormessage with ok

Hello Zmailer users,

I wonder if I made a mistake in configuring zmailer, since everytime
someone sends an email with NOTIFY (for example NOTIFY=FAILURE,DELAY) in
it, zmailer sends the error message mail with 'ok' in it ?
This causes a lot of trouble, since the sender thinks an error occured and
often resends the message or complains about this behavior. This used to
be no problem so far, but lately more and more people seem to use the
NOTIFY flag (probably something from any Netscape or Mircosoft mailer ?).

Any suggestions on how to configure zmailer so that it send back correct
notifications ?

thanks for your help,


Karsten Faerber
Inquire Inc.
EMail: faerberk@inquire.de
       faerberk@muc.de	(private)