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Zmailer and batch-smtp

Hi zmailer's people:

Let self introduce me:
My name is Carlos Cortina and I work as network manager at 
CENIAInternet in Havana, Cuba.
I have just installed zmailer for its capabilities to work fine in 
 busy mail environments. Our contry get connected to the Internet two 
years ago but before the connection we had been exchanged mail with 
the outside world via UUCP with WEB, at Toronto, Canada. By this 
reason we have  in Cuba a very large dialup UUCP network that covers 
all our country. Before zmailer installation we used Smail in all our 
servers but now I continue using Smail only in the server that 
supports UUCP connections withs the  cuban networks that have not 
been connected to the global net yet because smail has the posibility 
to create packets of compressed messages and transfer each packet  
via UUCP in a similar way as a single mail is transfered via smtp 
(batch-smtp). My question is:  has zmailer  a mechanism similar to 
the smail's batch-smtp?. Is there anybody in this list who has 
experienced with smail's batch-smtp and can tell me something from 
zmailer's side?.
 In all situations excuse me my english lenguage and 
thanks a lot in advance for yours help and patience to read me.