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Make install glitch and "whoson" progress

First, in the CVS as synched today, make install has a minor glitch.
Installing forms, it tries to copy all directory entries like "???*",
this includes "CVS" entry.  Install fails and make aborts.  Changing
the pattern from "???*" to "????*" in the proto/Makefile line 183

Now, news about "whoson": I've patched uwashington IMAP/POP server
to register user logins, and put this server and the whoson daemon
on our production mailserver.  So far, seems to work.  Now waiting
for the smtpserver to include checks of the whoson database :)

I've even written the man pages!  The package is at
ftp://ftp.average.org/pub/whoson/, in the same directory
there is the patch to the imap server.