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whoson daemon and api

I've finally produced something nearly-working (on Linux) and nearly
ready for testing (result of a sleepless night).  If you like, have a
look at


(you cannot see the last directory but you can blindly `cd' there).

It works only over TCP but the source is organized in a way that makes it
very easy to add new transports.  The cache is cached with EAY's lhash.
There is a parameter file.  There is *no* by-address restriction yet but
it should be straightforward to add.

I have a question to Matti: do you think that using callbacks in the API
is an overkill?  I am starting to think that the application program
should just pass a buffer to the API with the length:

	int wso_query(char *addr, char *retbuf, int bufsize);
	int wso_login(char *addr, char *name, char *retbuf, int bufsize);
	int wso_logout(char *addr, char *retbuf, int bufsize);

Hope to make the thing really useful soon...  Knocking the wood...