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Re: router gets wrong file name

> Hi,
> We've been running 2.99.48p6 on one of our Solaris machines fine. We've
> also been running 2.99.49p8 on one of our SunOS machines. So I tried
> compiling 2.99.49p8 on Solaris 2.5.1. It compiled, and runs, but the
> router is doing no work. There are files in the router directory,
> say "1234", but the router is trying to do stat("34",...).  The
> dp->d_name in rd_stability() in functions.c is short the first
> 2 characters.

This is  readdir()  problem.

I have no longer SunOS 4.1.* machines in my repertoire, so I can't
check how it did things but there is following passage in the begining
of the  functions.c (and mailq.c, too):

# include <dirent.h>
#else /* not HAVE_DIRENT_H */
# define dirent direct
#  include <sys/ndir.h>
# endif /* HAVE_SYS_NDIR_H */
# ifdef HAVE_SYS_DIR_H
#  include <sys/dir.h>
# endif /* HAVE_SYS_DIR_H */
# ifdef HAVE_NDIR_H
#  include <ndir.h>
# endif /* HAVE_NDIR_H */
#endif /* HAVE_DIRENT_H */

Now, which of these files you have ?
What the  "man readdir"  tell to use ?
(Compare SunOS 4.1.* and Solaris 2.5.1)

> Thanks in advance.
> Peter
> _____________________________________________________
> Peter Ip, PhD
> Computing and Network Services, University of Toronto
> email: peter.ip@utoronto.ca

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>