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router gets wrong file name


We've been running 2.99.48p6 on one of our Solaris machines fine. We've
also been running 2.99.49p8 on one of our SunOS machines. So I tried
compiling 2.99.49p8 on Solaris 2.5.1. It compiled, and runs, but the
router is doing no work. There are files in the router directory,
say "1234", but the router is trying to do stat("34",...).  The
dp->d_name in rd_stability() in functions.c is short the first
2 characters.

Also, when I do a mailq -ss, I get

3 entries in router queue: processing
1 message deferred
0 messages in transport queue: idle

The first and last entries are correct, but there are no files in the
deferred queue. Whenever our Solaris 2.99.48p6 says there is a message
in the deferred queue, there is a file in $POSTOFFICE/deferred.

Thanks in advance.
Peter Ip, PhD
Computing and Network Services, University of Toronto
email: peter.ip@utoronto.ca