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Re: getpeername() error in smtpserver

> Today's smtpserver (from CVS) compiles fine, but immediately after start,
> crashes with "getpeername(0): Invalid argument".  This is on Solaris 2.5.1
> SPARC.  I've already noticed before that on Solaris, get???() functions
> return all kind of undocmented errnos.  Changed to
> 	if ((errno == ENOTSOCK) || (errno == EINVAL))
> and it seems to work now...

	Oops...  That was something I was playing with Roy Bixler when
	he noted that running "/usr/lib/sendmail -bs" (under PINE, for
	example) does in fact run smtpserver with "-i" mode, and that
	the server produces then a "rcvdfrom" envelope header which
	the router will not believe from every possible source..

	I revised that code now so that it should work better now, and
	especially so that it will not just die on getpeername() call
	at the daemon startup...  (pull from CVS)

> ====
> Unrelated offtopic: is anybody on this list going to be on USENIX conference
> in New Orleans?  I am going to speak there (and after the conference I will
> be in San Francisco, Salt Lake City and New York).  Would be nice to see
> you fellow Zmailers IRL ;-)

	Sorry, I haven't made moves to get myself there.
	Perhaps I should ?

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>