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Re: dot at the end of address

> On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Alfredo Sanjuan wrote:
> > Try to enclose the username into "":
> > "thermoteam.pl."@supermedia.pl
> No luck.
> Now I'm getting:
> 250 error delivery to norealname for <"thermoteam.pl.">

	That is another animal.  The address is accepted, but
	the system does not internally know "thermoteam.pl."

	I know, it is painfull to do "fullnamemap" lookup just
	because the login-id (interesting userids you have)
	has a dot in it.

	A surprise to you might be that if you add alias:

		thermoteam.pl.: thermoteam.pl.

	then it -- likely -- will work.

	I do agree that these aliasing mechanism need improvements.
	With 'sendmail' you can (these days) have multiple alias
	databases which are tried in order.

	I will make some experimental router cf files available at
	my workstation latter today.
	(at ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/zmailer/cf/ )

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/Matti Aarnio