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Re: Crippling Received: headers

> >....50-s2 did not display the helo paramter, and did not display the peer
> >address information.  The Received: header looked like this:
> >
> >Received: by thanatos.sovam.com with ESMTP id <45817-21624>; Wed, 27 May
> >1998 21:57:20 +0400
> My 50-s3 Received header looks like this:
> Received: from babbage.mingpaoxpress.com ([]:35876 "EHLO
> babbage.mingpaoxpress.com" ident: "root") by www.mingpaoxpress.com with ESMTP
id <106541-16959>; Sat, 30 May 1998 04:16:23 -0400 
> But I am pretty sure 50-s2 looked like this too; in fact I am pretty sure
> it already looked like this some (late?) snapshot back in 49. Would the
> choice of router.cf (or some other parameter) affect how the Received header
> is generated?

I cannot reproduce this again, so let's forget about this problem until
it really shows up...