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Re: 2.99.50(snap4) now at ftp.funet.fi (was: Re: Spam help.)

> Got the doc's and read through the approprate sections. The documents 
> describe the HELO portion of the smtpserver config file as containing 2 
> fields. 

	No, you can't achieve reliable anti-relay facilities without
	deploying full smtp-policy configuration.

	This part you are referring to at the end of the  smtpserver.conf
	is of the oldest kind of configuration, and while it has some
	behaviour relationships with the EHLO/HELO argument, it in itself

> This is from the the older docs just for simplicity(I have problems 
> cutting and pasting Postscript).
> #
> # HELO/EHLO-pattern     style-flags
> #               [max loadavg]
> #
> localhost           999 ftveR
> some.host.domain    999 !NO EMAIL ACCEPTED FROM YOUR MACHINE
> \[*\]               999 ve
> *                   999 veR
> There appear to be 3 fields. I assume the middle one is "max loadavg" but 
> I am not sure.
> What I have done is to comment out the:"\[*\]               999 ve"
> Is it safe to assume that No valid Email source will be sending mail from 
> a non resolved address?

	The "\[*\]" is there to handle HELO lines like:

		HELO []

	It does not relate to the the connection source IP address
	reversability, or lack of it.

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