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Re: Excessive use of swap

In article <316C251F4589D111B42700805F15697705E1B0@FSNSAB10> you write:
>Build: 2.99.50-s3, --with-gcc --with-system-malloc, Solaris 2.5 on Sun
>Problem: If more than 5 smtpserver processes are running, ZMailer
>consumes all swap space.

It is possible that the problem is a scheduler misconfiguration. The
default (200 channels for a few smtp domains) is pretty optimistic.
I have a mailing list running on zmailer, and if a couple of messages
to the list were received by zmailer, the scheduler (not the smtpserver)
would spawn a number of smtp processes which will consume all swap space.

After I realized what the configuration means, I trimmed down the number
of channels to a much lower number and have not seen the problem since.

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