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Re: Excessive use of swap

> Build: 2.99.50-s3, --with-gcc --with-system-malloc, Solaris 2.5 on Sun
> Problem: If more than 5 smtpserver processes are running, ZMailer
> consumes all swap space.

nic.funet.fi  has been down for a while for operating system upgrade,
and the thing is still partly incomplete, but email and ftp works again..

I have written a utility:  "sps"  for Solaris (originally for OSF/1),
which can show you process sibling relationships.
Also it will tell you (sps -l) how large those processes are.

Pull it, and compile, from:

I very much doubt that the problem is smtpserver, but getting solid data
will convince even me..

/Matti Aarnio