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Re: SMTP policy doesn't work or ...

In article <19980519131209Z2883-8044+333@nic.funet.fi> you write:
mea>Ah well, define new alias tag into  smtp-policy.src:
mea>  _localnames	rejectnet - relaycustnet - localdomain + relaytarget +
mea>and modify  policy-builder.sh  to produce  "_localnames" for each line
mea>from  "localnames"  source file.
mea>Then regenerate your policy dataset, and nobody goes thru just by defining
mea>your local domain as the source domain in MAIL FROM.

Does this work only in .50, or also on .49 too? I tried to do this in .49,
but it doesn't seem to make any difference. (I can still give a local name
in MAIL FROM and do anything.)