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Q: --with-getpwnam-library="-L.. -l.." ?


I wrote a few words of document before doing actual code:

\item[\tt ---with-getpwnam-library="-L... -l..."] \mbox{} \\
Certain sites have expressed wishes to use their own libraries
to replace the standard {\tt getpwnam()} routines.
These are used in router, mailbox, hold, and vacation

The thing behind this question is that at my work we have our
own special databases to handle email customer username mappings.

Essentially it works by replaceing "/etc/passwd" file and related
libaries with its own interfaces.  It is very fast at finding
user specific data when it gets username, and it does not at all
find username, if given a numeric uid -- it is not UNIX passwd
database at all.

At the moment I am undecided onto which programs that library
should be linked when it is used in production.  "mailbox" is
definitely one, but router could be another ?  Hold and vacation
should not need it (should not be run!) in our systems, but
you may envision some other uses yourselves.

In case of router we do have a problem, though.  For some uses
(like finding "nobody" user) it needs  /etc/passwd  related
getpwnam(), but for others it needs customer-related database.
In fact same is at least partially true with "mailbox", I think.

Any ideas folks ?
Remember, what ever I use, you have to adapt your libraries to it.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>