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Re: Mail Relaying.

> Hello.
> I have a question about mail-relaying. I have 2 different net connections
> and a couple of domains. I run zmailer on my main mailer which is connected
> to the faster network to the outside world.
>   <--fast connect---[bla.org]---LAN---[foo.com]---slow net-->
> 		    [abc.com]
>                      ......
>       <---def.route machine1   |||||  machine2 def.route--->
> By now the mail to and from machine2 goes via the slownet outside to the
> world. (Simply a MX entry for foo.com that points to machine2).
> What would I have to add to machine1's zmailer config to act as a relay
> mail server for foo.com. I would suspect that I need to put a higher
> priority MX entry into the DNS and then add _some_ line to smtp-policy.src
> (i have spam protections on machine1) that would allow the relaying for
> machine2.
> How exactly is the syntax?? Im a bit confused by the different policy
> files that all get compiled together and become the .db file.

Ok, what a potpurri this will be...

At machine2 you can define a route entry with default to machine1:
	.	smtpx!machine1
That way all email traffic out from machine2 will be routed to machine1
for external routing.

As for INBOUND traffic, there you need to have MX entries:

	foo.com.  IN MX 1 bla.org ; to receive at machine1 from abroad

AND likely an explicite route at machine1 to direct foo.com mail to
	foo.com  smtpx!machine2

For the smtp-policy information, I suggest you look into:
That file can be found linked from the "deeply technical" page..

> thanks a lot,
> XRiS.
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