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Re: Problem with smtp TA

> 	We are using zmailer-2.99.45 more than one year.  Very nice program!
>      But... Today I tried setup -L flag for my smtp TA (we have two IP 
>      address's on interface) and its has no effect :-(. May be I use
>      this flag incorrect?

	A quick fix -- I explain, no diff:

	In  smtp.c  there is the  getopt()  loop with assignment of
		localidentity = optarg;
	replace that with:
		localidentity = strdup(optarg);

	The problem is, that while executing the smtp TA rewrites its
	ARGV strings to report current state of things in "ps axf"
	(or what ever flags you brand of UNIX has..)

	So, the string pulled from  optarg  must be saved somewhere,
	thus the need for  strdup().

> -- 
> 	CU, Victor Gamov

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>