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Re: SPAM Database... not everything clear.

> Hello.
>    I want to ask how the database is updated. Is it done automatically by
> zmailer or should I put the $MAILBIN/policy-builder.sh into the root
> crontab? And is the Database somewhere explained?? For example who decides
> which addresses/domains go into the database? Im pretty new to this Anti-
> SPAM thing but am interested (got some serious spam problem here and mail
> bombings - what to do about mailbombings on zmailer?) how to fight against
> those boneheads who waste bandwith.

Most of the answers are on:


And yes, it (policy-builder.sh) should be placed into root crontab,
and monitored regularly.  The collection of sites providing lists of
user addresses/domains that they have considered abusive is rather
varying.    Many sites tend to believe that Paul Vixie's RBL will
handle it all, and is adequate protection against abusers -- perhaps
it will be some day..

The  policy-builder.sh  script is configurable by local administrator,
so you are not limited to whatever happened to be current set of well
working servers back when the packet was created.

> greetings,
> XRiS.-

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>