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Re: Zmailer year 2000 compatible?

> Matti,
> the company management requests from me a report about the y2k compatibility
> of OS/applications on our system.  I guess that Zmailer should not have
> any problems at year 2000, but I'd like to know for sure :)  Was it tested?

	Yeah, your company management is not the only one...
	In our corporation we have perhaps 30 people spending all
	of their time at Y2K, which is out of the time what they
	would be doing otherwise -- and mostly just to collect
	reports telling "Software XYZ is Y2K compatible".

	Not tested per se, however the only thing where "date" info
	is used has already been converted to IETF "full-four-digits
	of year presentation" (and timezones in offsets to UTC).

	The ZMailer system does not have Y2K problems, however February
	2038 may turn out to be more serious problem (but that is generic
	UNIX problem..)

> Thanks.
> Eugene
> P.S. If you know the answer to the same question for Linux it is welcome.
> Solaris 2.5.1 is known to be *not* compatible, and compatibility patch
> for it is avaiable, but is not free!  Can you imagine it?!

	For Linux:  http://www.uk.linux.org/

/Matti Aarnio