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Re: aliases format makedb, extended lines

> 	Well, what has to go away for sure is ','
> 	Next, the format is
> 	alias:		user1, user2, user3,
> 			user4, user5, user6

	Indeed that is as  sendmail-book(2nd edit) tells
	while speaking of  aliases(5).

> >	Consider lines like:
> >
> >		alias:	foo1
> >			foo2
> 	Well, this is not right line I believe. What makedb used
> to do out is to make empty tokens by adding extra commas.

	Yes, although they (at my tests) weren't harmfull, I think.

	I added it into my "TODO" file on which I shall return
	hopefully within a week..

> 							alexis

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>