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Re: aliases format makedb, extended lines


Once mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
>> 	There is a little problem with it, makedb -a would not
>> handle extended lines properly... Either it is still too early
>> or it has to be like this:
>	So you think that "\n\t" is too much ?  Perhaps if you
>	would remove the "\n" from that string ?

	Well, what has to go away for sure is ','
	Next, the format is

	alias:		user1, user2, user3,
			user4, user5, user6

>	Consider lines like:
>		alias:	foo1
>			foo2

	Well, this is not right line I believe. What makedb used
to do out is to make empty tokens by adding extra commas.

>	Now as these are catenated, what will the result be ?
>	What results work ?
>		alias: foo1 foo2
>		alias: foo1 , foo2
>	I essentially preserved all of the white-spaces, including
>	the newline, and in my tests it worked. (At aliases, that is)

	Well, this does not:

	alias:	user1, user2, user3
		user4, user5, user6

>	Are you considering using it somewhere else ?

	No, aliases and fqdnaliases

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