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Re: Whitespace in headers

> On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, J. S. Connell wrote:
> > I've just spent a very frustrating hour or so trying to work out why an
> > email autoresponder of mine had stopped working.  In the end I traced it
> > back to zmailer changing the space after From:, To:, Subject:, and Date:
> > headers into tabs.
>   You should fix your autoresponder.  It is broken.

	Indeed, ANYBODY can send LWSP with TABs in it (per RFC-822).
	Somehow just most don't do that..

	I didn't know that ZMailer touches on Subject: at all, nor
	should it touch on Date: it receives from somewhere.
	OTOH From: and To: it does rewrite.

> > I realize that the RFC says "whitespace" and not "spaces", but is there a
> > way to change this behavior without recompiling?
>   No.  The router needs to be rebuilt to do that.  There is a define that
> changes this behaviour.

	Configure with option:

	One finnish company creating groupware software had same mis-
	interpretation of what "whitespace" means, and their software
	blew up with TABs...  We would not have cared of it if it had
	been one or two sites, but it was a few tens of customer sites..

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