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Re: smtpserver policy database problem


On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Roy C Bixler wrote:

> I'm glad to hear you solved your Z-mailer configuration problem, but it
> seems like you were more a victim of a buggy package than of incomplete
> Z-mailer documentation.  Any package worth its salt should set up
> /etc/mail.conf for you (for example, the Debian package does.)  Does your
> Z-mailer package include a copy of the INSTALL file from the top-level
> directory of the Z-mailer source?  That also would have helped you
> greatly. 

If I'm a victim of a buggy package, then, by your definition,
zmailer-2.99.49p9.tar.gz at ftp.funet.fi is a buggy package (no offense
Matti). =) After I compiled and installed zmailer as per the INSTALL
document, I still couldn't send mail because there is no default
smtp-policy database, nor does the install document mention it.

As for the mail.conf file, that's my own fault.  I connect with a dynamic
IP and my mail.conf was set up to use a non existent fqdn.  The machine I 
was sending test mail to was rejecting because of that.  I just didn't
have enough logging detail to know what the problem was at the time.

Anyway, things do seem to be working well now, so I'm going to put it all
into an RPM for those who'd like it. =)


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