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Re: MX records

> Hi,
> I am having a problem with zmailer accepting mail for an Mx record
> pointing to itself.  That is we have an mx entru for ucf.edu that
> points to a machine, but running zmailer on this maching, zmailer
> does not seem to know that ucf.edu is also another name for him.
> I get the following from smtp.
> smtp; 500 (nameserver data inconsistency. All MXes rejected [we are the best?], no address:
> 'ucf.edu')
> What do I have to do to correct this situation ??

	Perhaps only:

	# cd $MAILSHARE/db
	# ../bin/newdb localnames
	# ../bin/zmailer router	# For the first time, latter this isn't needed

> I have an entry in the localnames file for ucf.edu. What else do I need ?

	You don't mention which version of ZMailer you are using ?
	Earlier there was requirement that the content of the  localnames
	file is kept in  sort(1)  order.  With newer configuration scripts
	that is no longer necessary.

> Thanks 
> Chris
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