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Zmailer and other MTAs

	I would like to know how Zmailer performs when compared to other
modern fast MTAs such as exim, qmail and smail?
	I've been using qmail regularly since version 1.00 and I am quite
satisfied with it as the MTA of my final delivery box (only delivers to
the machines outside the LAN). However, the different configuration paradigm
that qmail uses imposes a system impact that many systems can't accept. 
Besides, qmail innability to deliver multiple recipients emails in a single
connection is quite annoying when dealing with busy hosts. Nevertheless, it is
very fast and very reliable. I am satisfied.
	Nonetheless, I began trying other MTAs.
	I didn't try smail, yet I tried exim that is more or less meant to
be an improved "version" of smail. It performed with a degree of success.
However, I didn't like its performance and the relaying control capabilities
could be polished a little bit.
	I didn't try Zmailer yet.
	I would like to know how does it perform against qmail. Is it faster?
qmail claims to perform about 8 times faster than Zmailer. Does anybody have
any information in this issue? And the relaying control capabilities? The
manual suggests they are up to the job. Did any real life conditions prove
	I am still using qmail, yet I am with a mission. I am still hunting
for an MTA. :)

		Mario Ferreira

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