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problems with Eudora Internet Mail Server

For a while now, I've been having problems with Eudora Internet Mail
Server mail relays and Apple Internet Messaging Server relays.  What
happens is messages appear each time the remote relay re-runs its queue.
Currently I'm running zmailer 2.99.48.  I went through the archives a
couple days ago, and saw a fix suggested in smtpserver/smtpdata.c, where
you make a flush unconditional.  I've tried this fix and still continue
to have problems.  After performing some packet sniffing, I'm certain
that zmailer is never acknowleding receipt of the messages which are
sent from either of the two mail server software systems I mention

I guess what I'm wondering, is if there's some other way I can fix this
problem?  Help!  Thanks.


Matthew C. Mead			Virginia Tech Mathematics Department
				460 McBryde Hall
				Blacksburg, VA 24061-0123
mmead@math.vt.edu		(540)231-2643	FAX: (540)231-5960