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RV: Invalid local real name - or invalid newsgroup

Hello all,

When I try to send a message to a local user with a dot in his user name, by


Zmailer rewite te "To:" header and delete the domain, and generates this error:

>In the following message, it appears from the format of certain
>addresses that you have attempted to send a message to somebodys
>"Real.Name", or alternatively to an USENET newsgroup.
>Unfortunately both lookups have failed.  fullnames -database didn't
>contain attempted  Real.Name, nor our copy of active newsgroups
>database did have such a newsgroup.
>It is a common mistake to write address alike:   user.host.domain
>when you REALLY wanted it to be:                 user@host.domain
>error: norealname: g.albillos

How can I solve this problem? I have several users with a dot in his user name.

Please HELP!