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Re: ZMailer and rich-text

> 1.  Does ZMailer Server 2.99.43 #1 ESMTP+IDENT support a MIME-encoded
> rich-text formatting message ?
> Please reply directly, as I do not subscribe.  I am sending mail to user's
> on that system that complain of getting attachments with junk...

	Well, it doesn't "support" in sense of recognizing it requiring
	any special processing.

	How are those attachments encoded ?  QUOTED-PRINTABLE, or
	8BIT ?   And the big question, does recipient MUA know
	how to handle received rich-text it pulls from the message
	store (i.e. UNIX /var/mail/username file) ?

	If you send me a sample message to my work address, I might
	find what the problem is about.  -->  matti.aarnio@tele.fi

	With my UNIX ELM it definitely will look like junk containing
	attachment -- but if I borrow my colleques Win-NT machine,
	I could see at least what Eudora PRO thinks of it.

	While we have somebody from MS asking about email, it reminds
	me to tell you about what we noticed about MS Exchange 5.5
	DSN facility behaviour -- essentially it is broken:

	This blows:
		RCPT TO:<foo@bar> ORCPT=typetag;foo@bar
	This "works":
		RCPT TO:<foo@bar> ORCPT=typetagfoo@bar
	however this latter is against RFC 1891 specification
	about the ORCPT syntax :-(

	At Telecom Finland we begun to wonder when there appeared
	a new type of failures, and finally last monday we counted
	1+1 often enough to detect this...

	There is not very much user originated DSN data around, but
	ZMailer is heavy generator of it per RFC 1891 paragraph
	6.2.1 (d) the ZMailer is adding ORCPT if none was in the
	incoming message.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>