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Re: turning off delivery notification for postmaster

> 1) How can I turn off delivery notification messages sent to the
> postmaster when the user asked for delivery status?

	This may be difficult - currently postoffice either gets
	them all, or gets nothing.

> 2) How can I change the form being returned to the users? I'd like it to
> say something along the lines of:

	Edit file:  MAILSHARE/forms/delivery

> Subject: Delivery Notification status
> Here are the results of the delivery notification that
> you requested. Please note that this only shows the
> result of email delivery to the remote site's Internet
> email server, and does not necessarily reflect remote
> internal delivery mechanisms.
> Which, IMHO, is more descriptive then:
> Subject: Delivery reports about your email
> If you are still having problems, please feel free to
> contact postmaster@mcc.net
> This is a collection of reports about email delivery
> process concerning a message you originated:

	On overall, I have recently had a dubious honour of seeing
	how dumb our average customer is.  (Having 30 UNIX wizards
	does not affect the average when we have 20 000 computer
	illiterate customers per mailbox server...)

	That exposure has shown me clearly that the current form
	of the error reports is inadequate, but:

		RFC 1894  describes the format, and says that it is
	intended to be all-english 7BIT text/plain compatible stuff,
	which makes Finnish (or Swedish) boilerplate text writing
	extremely difficult.  (Oh, it is possible, merely painfully
	difficult as we must search for synonyms without 8-bit
	characters, and still do decent fluent and readable text.)

	What is extremely difficult to handle, per complaints that
	I have gotten are things like:

> This is a collection of reports about email delivery
> process concerning a message you originated:
> <smtp hotmail.com tuija.suihkonen@hotmail.com 60001>: ...\
>       <<- RCPT To:<tuija.suihkonen@hotmail.com>
>       ->> 550 Unknown user <tuija.suihkonen>

	Consider it, there are people to whom words: "User unknown"
	are completely alien, and who thus would like to have those
	shown in native language...  (Pray tell me, how I can
	figure out what is the native language of the error message
	recipient ?  --  unless you have great ideas, don't answer..)

	To worsen the offence, apparently MS has created email
	clients that translate all RFC-822 headers (that they
	know of) to local language at message reception.
	INCLUDING translateing "Re: " text to local-like form
	on Subject: headers... Thus I pretty soon get following
	kind of subjects:
		Re: Vs: Re: Vs: Re: Vs: message subject

	( X-Mailer: Microsoft Internet Mail 4.70.1161 )

> --
> Trevor Paquette              | MetroNet Solutions |Work:(403)543-2355
> TrevorPaquette@mcc.net       |4300, 150 6th Ave SW| Fax:(403)543-2854
> http://www.mcc.net           |Calgary, AB, Canada |ICBM:51'03"N/114'05"W
> Senior Unix Network Architect|       T2P 4K9      |Mind:In the Rockies

	Hmm..  Calgary is not French speakers area, is it ?

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>  ICBM: 60N, 25E
	(To be exact, Trevor's coordinates are read as:
		"fiftyone minutes three seconds north, ..."
	 not    "fiftyone degrees three minutes north, ..."
	 Even such simple thing as geographic coordinates
	 need 8-bit charactersets -- will ISO-8859-1 be enough,
	 that I can't say with certainty..)