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Re: 2.99.49p9 router leaking memory

Morning Matti,

Once mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
>> 	I was trying to rewrite canonicalize function a couple of
>> times, but I want to know exactly what kind of weird things it takes.
>> It does not take rfc822 ``address'', rather ``route-addr'' but
>> noone seems to have clear idea about it... :(
>	The address it receives is one stripped from rfc-822 to have
>	only meaningfull address components.
>	That is, following (rfc-822) example:
>		Muhammed.(I am  the greatest) Ali @(the)Vegas.WBA
>	is canonized (as RFC-822 calls it) as:
>		Muhammed.Ali@Vegas.WBA
>	In case of addresses arriving from SMTP, those are presented in
>	the envelope header lines:
>		from <...>
>		to <...>
>	where the three dots contain the arriving RFC-821 address
>	string as is.  Outbound envelope RFC-822 addresses MAY require
>	slight change to conform with RFC-821 quotation rules, though.
>	(But that is for the smtp transport agent, not smtpserver, to
>	 worry about, and to convert.)
>	Therefore the address the router gets for the processing IS
>	RFC-821 address  (Ok, .forward and :include: processing can
>	bring in slightly different stuff)
>	Oh yes, zmailer-2.2.1 wrote those SMTP envelope fields in this
>	"route-addr" form (with "<" ... ">" wraps), so that is not
>	something I made into it.

	I think it would be nice to have specifications of particular
funtions and zmailer parts. I do not believe technical writes could do
that, but for zmailer future development/cleanup it is quite vital.

	And, please, please, please, could we start using some
revision control system (rcs or cvs)? Although (and this is very
nice to see) almost all the patches get incorporated into the
mainstream code, it is always such a pain in the neck to check
which version we run, what has changed, what configuration version.

>> the real point but I think that zmailer nowadays is too many hacks
>> against its original design. Some things are hard-hacked  into source
>> instead of providing more general interface to configuration and
>> fixing them in zmsh.
>	Please name a few.  Match also the "TODO" file.

	Like smtpserver policy which is independent of router
code, and acutally does address processing by itself. And we are
running into more and more difficulties because of it (@a,@b:c@d
addresses for example) We have database facilities in router, we
have address processing in router... Ok, too early in the morning,
and it is god damn rainy and dark in Amsterdam now, so it feels
like six o'clock am. Have a nice day,
			Where the wild horses run