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Re: uucp setup question


> From:           Alexis Yushin <alexis@NL.net>
> Date sent:      Tue, 2 Dec 1997 14:44:41 +0100 (MET)

>     I wonder if there are someone out there using zmailer
> for routing mail between uucp and the internet. I see there are
> quite some ways to do that with zmailer. Either completely with
> routes database, or using pathalias and maybe even localnames
> databases. Could anyone describe such a successful setup he/she
> uses?

We do use two ways siumultaneously for UUCP interaction.

"Corporative" machines having own MX RR are described in db/routes 
(and listed in db/smtp-policy.mx!) in trivial way:

domain.cor.neva.ru     uucp!domain
domain.uucp       uucp!domain

Additionally, mail for the "login-name" of this UUCP entry is 
forwarded to postmaster@domain.cor.neva.ru - for right processing of 
some exotic errors. Naturally, actual user lists are administrated by 
UUCP machines owners.

"Personal" machines with 1-2 users are maintained differently, to 
avoid unnecessary DNS changes. Users are assumed to be belonging 
to host machine (remoteuser@atrium.cor.neva.ru). In db/aliases this 
username is redirected to remoteuser@fakedomain.uucp. Finally, 
fakedomain.uucp is routed to uucp!fakedomain in db/routes. Proper 
originating addresses should be configured at UUCP side; also, user 
lists at SMTP host and UUCP machines should be kept in sync manually.

"First" user at each "personal" UUCP machine can be really present in 
/etc/passwd creating dial-up entry for this machine. Rest ones should 
be aliases only!

Seems, it works.

Alexey Lobanov
CPR Co., Ltd.