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Re: uucp setup question

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Alexis Yushin wrote:

> 	I wonder if there are someone out there using zmailer
> for routing mail between uucp and the internet. I see there are
> quite some ways to do that with zmailer. Either completely with
> routes database, or using pathalias and maybe even localnames
> databases. Could anyone describe such a successful setup he/she
> uses? Thank you in advance,
> 							alexis
Yes we do. We have two UUCP sites connected. We have setup this
via routes database. One of the sites is running UUPC software
and the second one is connected from AIX 3.2.5 with UUCP + Sendmail.
For the second one I've spent rather long time with AIX sendmail setup to
make the beast produce sender's address in user@host.domain format.
I still have some problems. A mail sent by PINE from UUCP site gives
the right sender's address now, but when you use /bin/mail program
on that AIX I stil get sender's address in the form uuhost!user and
my zmailer then produce user@uuhost.uucp. It's crazy. 


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