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2.99.49p9 snap2


	I just made available a snapshot from my development tree.

	The most important thing in this is correction in smtp
	transporters DNS use;  it used to errorneously report
	"Inconsistency in DNS; No MX, nor A records for domain.."
	(or some such text) in way too many occasions.

	I have also re-implemented Arnt Gulbrandsen's 'RBL test'
	functions as an attribute in the policy ruleset.

	Arnt has asked me also to revise logics such that he can
	selectively per recipient domain decide on what shall be
	done to the messages.  The idea being roughly that his
	system is MX backup for some domain into which its people
	want to get any and all email, including SPAMs.  At the
	same time his host is not wide open relay, nor his local
	users want SPAMs..

	Right now things work pretty much by means of earliest
	possible time of detection of bad email causes all
	subsequent addresses to fail -- that is, email from rejected
	network (like RBL source) is now blocked way too early.

	I am doing smtpserver's logic revision with that in mind,
	and also shall support ability to send email to the postmaster
	as <postmaster> and <postmaster@ANYLOCALDOMAIN> even when
	the system will reject any/all other recipient addresses.

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>