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router unable to open aliases db

Zmailer 2.99.49p8

I get LOTS of the following error in the router logs:

<19971117181824Z421953-9490+72@gate.mcc.net>: deferred: IO:error:
<19971117182304Z421984-9504+67@gate.mcc.net>: address: error
<19971117182304Z421984-9504+67@gate.mcc.net>: file: 421905-13646
<19971117182304Z421984-9504+67@gate.mcc.net>: file: 421905-13646 <error>
=>  <postoffice>
<19971117182304Z421984-9504+67@gate.mcc.net>: address: postoffice
owner_ndbm: cannot open /apps/zmailer/db/aliases.pag!
search_ndbm: cannot open /apps/zmailer/db/aliases.pag!

doing an ls -lg on /apps/zmailer/db/aliases.pag gives:

-rw-rw-rw-   1 root     daemon       1024 Nov 17 11:48

Notice read/write for world.. so why can't it open the file?


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