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Re: doc/guides/procmail -- comments, please

On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Matus Uhlar wrote:

> Hmmm, you really didn't try '-t' and flag 'm' ? 
> procm	sSPfnm	/usr/local/bin/procmail		procmail -t -a $h -d $u
> it should work; '-t' should cause that procmail can 'silently return mail to
> the queue'; 

No, it does not work (I actually tried it :-(). It will return the mail to
the queue, but for all recepients on the command line. Now imagine one
buggy address among a lot of correct ones. Some of our users ended with
several hundred copies of the same message in their mailbox until I
removed the "m"-flag.

Greetings, Swen