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Re: just a test

> I sent some mails to the list yesterday, but did not receive one via the
> list... Is there something fishy going on?

	Yes.  12+ hour processing backlogs.
	I have been running single router process on basis of getting
	the best performance out of the uni-processor box with it, but
	for certain operations I possibly should run more of them in

	Algorithmwise I have a feeling that running big lists of
	recipients does slow things down in serious way; something
	like N recipients needing C*(N^2) seconds to process.
	Not so fun...

	5th Nov:  3 217 messages, 187 200 recipients (queue grows)
	6th Nov:  4 180 messages, 214 800 recipients (queue grows)
	7th Nov: 10 000 messages, 370 000 recipients (queue gone)

	How the speed change happened ?  The main feeder of input jobs
	changed message batch size to at most 100 recipients a piece
	from previous setting of: as much as there are recipients..

> --Swen

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>