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rcvdfrom error from /etc/hosts


Is this a bug?

If you put an entry in /etc/hosts		host.domain.org. host

Note the trailing "." on the fqdn, I was under the impression this was
legal and a trailing dot means this is a fqdn name.

When one zmailer hosts ESMTPs to another, the receiving host sets:

rcvdfrom host.domain.org. (other information in here)

I generates a bad error/envelope message?  And tried to send it back to
the originator (when actually the problem is completely beyond the control
of the originator since its a Received: line problem put on by the zmailer
smtpserver that last received the message).

I'm not too fussed in Received lines being invalid in such trival ways (DNS
accept trailing dots) since it really is host.domain.org.in-addr.arpa.
Can this be disabled in the router configs?


Darryl Miles