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Re: 2.99.49p6a7 got stuck at MAIL command

Ambrose Li <acli@mingpaoxpress.com>
> I noticed that nic.funet.fi is 2.99.49p6a7 too, so it must be my
> problem. But I don't know what it is.

To chime in: I run 2.99.49p6a7 with some minor hacks in production

> I do request DNS verification, but the remote sites are not unreachable.
> All the sites got stuck in the MAIL command, e.g., nic.funet.fi,
> uunet.ca, all the big sites. And does not seemto be a policydb thing,
> since it doesn't generate SMTP errors, the smtpserver just got stuck
> there doing nothing.

Might not be very hard to debug:

cd zmailer.../smtpserver
make CFLAGS=g clean all
gdb ./smtpserver
run -g -i
EHLO uunet.ca
MAIL FROM: <nosuchuser@uunet.ca>
<press ctrl-c>

That 'where' will tell you what function it's hanging in, who called
that function and so on, all the way up to main().  What does it say?