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Re: 2.99.49p6a7 got stuck at MAIL command (problem solved)

Sorry to have bothered everyone. The problem is solved. It was either
a libc or ld.so mismatch. I upgraded libc to 5.4.33 and ld.so to 1.8.9
and the problem is gone.

In article <ML-3.3.877367739.7515.crosser@ariel>,
Eugene Crosser  <crosser@online.ru> wrote:
>> I tried to switch to 2.99.49p6a7, but somehow the smtpserver
>> always gets stuck after the remote host issues a MAIL command.
>> I'll then have to kill -9 the smtpserver processes before I
>> can restart zmailer 2.99.49p3. Has anyone seen this?
>Running .49p6a7 in production since 25 Sep, no problem.
>A wild guess - you could have requested DNS verification of addresses,
>and the DNS for the address in question is unreachable/too slow/broken?

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