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smtp-policy.relay woes

Hi all,

I'm trying to establish smtp relaying restrictions using ZMailer 2.99.49,
what i want is to e.g. only permit network as relaycustomer +

I have tried to build myself db/smtp-policy.relay but it doesn't seem to be 
working, does any of you have some smtp-policy.relay example that would fit my
'relaycustomer' needs?  Of course i have a customized db/smtp-policy.src file.
but a nice example would help a lot i guess.

Thanks in advance,

Enrique Vadillo-
RCP - Internet Peru
Fax: +51 1 241-1320
Web Site: http://www.rcp.net.pe (PERU)
Mirror Web Site: http://ekeko.rcp.net.pe (USA)