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Re: zmailer too restrictive

On Thu, 9 Oct 1997, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> ...
> > Where did you see that ?
> > In rfc822 i can't find that limitation. 
> 	Check rfc821 for the SMTP view of the world.
> 	This is one of the issues where 821 and 822 differ.
> ...
> > Convinced ? :)
> 	Not yet. :-)
> 	I have to check DRUMS, though.

Ok, in rfc821:
<mailbox> ::= <local-part> "@" <domain>
<local-part> ::= <dot-string> | <quoted-string>
<dot-string> ::= <string> | <string> "." <dot-string>

So this means i can put any string after a dot, right ?
Especially more dots.
This was a case i sent to you some weeks ago where
somebody had an address like user.@t-online.de.

What SMTP says is maybe that you have to write
x.y\.z@domain but then ... is mail only SMTP ? What if
i receive mail with UUCP ? Then i have to accept
anything as local-part. Also maybe it is already
revised in ESMTP ?

Greets, Sven
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