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Re: zmailer too restrictive

> Hi Everyone,
> this should be a valid e-mail address, so why is zmailer complaining ?
> The following errors occurred during message delivery processing:

->> 501 5.5.2 Path data: After a dot, something which is not 
>                     alphanumeric (this is abnormal, investigate!)

Looking at rfc822:

     addr-spec   =  local-part "@" domain        ; global address
     local-part  =  word *("." word)             ; uninterpreted
                                                 ; case-preserved
     word        =  atom / quoted-string
     atom        =  1*<any CHAR except specials, SPACE and CTLs>

'-' (dash) character is not listed in "specials" and so zmailer is
probably wrong refusing it.  "-j" is a valid "word".