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Re: alternatives to ETRN

-> 	We have quite a few dialup users who for some warped reason like to
-> do SMTP over their connection, but don't want to stay online for prolongated
-> periods of time.
-> We had a hack where they could send a message to an address and in response
-> sendmail would rerun the whole queue, sending the user's message if he was
-> online.
-> This feature placed an unnecessary burden on our mailserver what's already
-> swamped, so I wonder if anyone has a solution for zmailer where it would try
-> to resend mail for a specified domain if it gets a specific mail?

That's nice feature of sendmail. Probably scheduler could be configuret for
that domain to try every hour or never (not very often for dialup users),
and smtpserver should in such case somehow tell scheduler to start delivery
to defined domain(s) - maybe via named pipe...

I even thought about mail processing. NROUTERS is defined in
/etc/zmailer.conf and contains number of routers running. I thought this
number could be sometimes too big and someties too low on the same machine.
Wouldn't it be better to make it virtual ?

e.g. when smtpserver gets expn or vrfy, executes router with one command -
router <addr>; it could also use named pipe 

Maybe there should be main router listening on named pipe for
smtpserver/sendmail which will only take incoming messages, put them to
files (or will take just filename) and execute child routers which will
process those messages. And it can have x to y child routers processing
those messages (x and y defined in config file). comunications between them
could go through unnamed pipe, and router will know when it should create
new router (too much unprocessed messages in incoming queue) if it shouldn't
fork (too big load average or too much routers running), if it should kill
one of its childs (2 childs idle for given time) etc. 

I know this is just speculation but maybe will give you (Matti) good idea.
 Matus "fantomas" Uhlar, sysadmin of one server at SANET Kosice, Slovakia
 E-mail: Matus.Uhlar@tuke.sk ; WWW: http://ccsun.tuke.sk/users/uhlar
 And don't forget: I work for SANET, but talk for myself, dude... ;-)