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Re: Mail bouncing


	The answer is very simple: hire a system administrator.

Once Matt Hawkins wrote:
>553 mail.goldweb.com.au. config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
>554 <matt@goldweb.com.au>... Local configuration error

	Alternatively add this entry to $MAILVAR/db/locanames:

mail                    mail.goldweb.com.au
mail.goldweb.com.aui	mail.goldweb.com.au
mail.uucp               mail.goldweb.com.au

	and perhaps but *BEFORE* the lines above:

goldweb.com.au		mail.goldweb.com.au

	Keep in mind the localnames database has to be sorted.

	goldweb.com.au          MX      50 mail.goldweb.com.au
	mail.goldweb.com.au has no MX record (Authoritative answer)

	...is quite strange.
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