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UUCP / ZMailer


I installed ZMailer 2.99.49p3 together with the smtp-policy spamfilters.
But it seems now something breaks (I'm not sure it is due to ZMailer, but I
suspect the smtp-policy things, because it worked before I added the
smtp-policy to my .49p3 configuration).

todsn ORCPT=rfc822;remco
to remco
with UUCP
rcvdfrom uucpsite
from anotherhost.somewhere.com.!.username

This is what the envelope is, according to the bounce message. It's clear
that those two extra dots in the 'from' line are causing the problems.

Anyone else with the same setup experiencing this problems?

Again, I'm not entirely sure ZMailer causes the error; maybe my
UUCP-provider changed some configuration, but I don't think so, as I didn't
hear of any other persons having problems right now.


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