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Re: www.zmailer.org


Once Matti Aarnio wrote:
>	design a neat logo for the ZMailer.  Something as
>	"cute" as Linux penguing.

	By the way, I am pretty sure there is a commercial
X11 mail reader called ZMailer and very likely this trademark
is registered. Looks like it is time to check these things out
and perhaps contact that company to avoid any unnecessary lawsuit.

>	Depending on how you understand "commercial" ?

	I think it more depends on how YOU understand commercial,
e.g. what you ment with that :-)

>	I can use part of my working hours for solving ZMailer
>	communitys problems, though.  Our own services are likely
>	to meet the same problems, after all.

	I believe the same for any person in a company which uses
ZMailer seriously. When ZMailer has problems we have problems in
turn and it is my primarily resposibility to avoid those problems,
so this sounds pretty logical.

	Regarding the rest of the message I'll send you a personal
email lateron. Regards,
Surf on...