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Re: zmailer on Alpha

> 152 # router -i -t on -f /etc/mail/cf/standard.cf 
> ZMailer router (2.99.49p4 #4: Mon Jul 14 16:03:53 MET DST 1997)
>   alexis@news.NL.net:/usr/users/alexis/zmailer-2.99.49p4/router
> Copyright 1992 Rayan S. Zachariassen
> Copyright 1992-1997 Matti Aarnio
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

	The problem is weird, perhaps something that your compiler
	does different from those that I use.

	Basically the error occurs in place where there is a fwrite()
	call with quite simple arguments :-?

> 153 # decladebug /usr/local/bin/router core
> Welcome to the DECladebug Debugger Version 4.0-7
> ------------------ 
> object file name: /usr/local/bin/router 
> core file name: core
> Reading symbolic information ...done
> Core file produced from executable router
> Thread terminated at PC 0x12002d840 by signal SEGV
> (decladebug) up
> Internal Error: address out of range
> Internal Error: address out of range
> Can't move up that many frames.
> >0  0x12002d840 in eval(script=0x14002c000="\r", scriptname=0x11ffffe23="/etc/mail/cf/standard.cf", savefile=0x11ffffa58="/etc/mail/cf/fc/standard.fc") trap.c:184
> (Cannot find source file trap.c)

	What compiler do you use ?
	You said, "DEC OSF1 3.2", do you use "cc -migrate", or just "cc" ?
	Or some version of  GCC ?

	See file   conf/conf.3   for one example of how I did configure
	at DEC OSF/1 3.2G back when nic.funet.fi was such.

> 								alexis
> -- 
> 		Yesterday dont matter when its gone

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>