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Long lists

Does anyone know if there is a limit on the size (# of entries) in a
zmailer list?  We have recently implemented Zmailer and for the most part
the lists act as advertised but when we tried to create a "all-users" list
(400+ entries) the message gets dropped into /var/spool/smail/deferred and
never sees the light of day unless I change the list to a shorter one.

I tested "lists within lists" and it worked fine so I then divided the long
user list into several short ones and named them ulist-a, ulist-b, etc and
changed the all-users list so that all it contained was then names of the
other ulists.  Same result -----> DEFERRED!

I then tried sending to one or two of the ulist individually and they
worked fine but when I try for the whole list it's a no go!

Any ideas???????  (and I did read the documentation - twice!)

Ken Smith

Asst Sys Admin